More About Me

Your Helping Hand to a Memorable Real Estate Transaction

Like graduation, marriage or parenthood; a residential real estate transaction is one of those rare life events that should be remembered and cherished.  

Two decades of real estate have allowed me to develop the recipe for an enjoyable purchase or sale.  I start by fully explaining all steps in the process, and stay in touch with the client all the way through the way to close of escrow. Communicating and advising at each step is as important as bringing in a trusted team of professionals; from inspectors, stagers, title insurance providers, lenders and escrow officers who deliver flawlessly.  I make a special effort to reach out to the opposing agent to develop an amicable working relationship, respectful of their fiduciary obligation to their client. The epitome of a successful, stress-free deal is when the seller and buyer meet warmly to transfer keys to the property.

Past clients will attest their experience and pleasurable outcome.  This is your invitation to an unforgettable real estate experience!